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ホログラフィック理論は本当か。 Is the holographic theory true?

Two-dimensional models are favored when discussing black holes.
However, the original gravity is a four-dimensional space-time phenomenon, so it is impossible for a space-time to sink forever.
It is more natural to view the space-time around a black hole as compressed to the extreme, where time is stretched out to near eternity.
The answer derived from the theory of relativity is that time slows down as the gravity increases, but this has been confirmed by experiments with the latest optical lattice clock technology.
It is said that even light cannot escape from a black hole, but because of the magnitude of gravity, it takes almost forever to reach the black hole itself, so it is more appropriate to say that it is unpredictable when it will return.
Of course, the information of matter swallowed by the black hole is preserved, and it cannot be destroyed as long as it is swallowed by the black hole.
It's compressed to the limit, so it doesn't retain its original form, but it doesn't mean that even the form of elementary particles is lost.
Matter and information trapped in a black hole cannot be released until the black hole collapses.
The energy emitted by a black hole consists of heat and electromagnetic waves, but information can only be obtained from electromagnetic waves.
However, the information obtained from electromagnetic waves is limited to the state and type of the source.
Strictly speaking, heat is emitted from the black hole itself, and electromagnetic waves are emitted from the surroundings of the black hole.
Holographic theory is an attractive hypothesis, but it should be remembered that it is only a hypothesis.
The time of the companion of matter swallowed by the black hole is almost forever delayed, but when viewed from the outside of the black hole, the matter seems to stay on the space-time horizon forever.
It is the result of the distortion of space-time to the limit, and it is only because the passage of time is no longer measurable because the space-time seen from the observer from the outside is stretched so much that no new theory is introduced. You don't have to.
Quantum theorists seem to want to say that it can be explained by complementarity, but it can be explained simply by sticking to the principles of relativity theory.
Rather, the problem is that relativity experts are too frightened of black holes.
The reason is that it still relies on 2D models that are easy to work with.
This is despite the fact that real gravity is a four-dimensional space-time phenomenon.
Adopting new explanations one after another and making the theory more and more complicated reminds us of the terminal phase of the Ptolemaic theory.
Here it is better to pursue a simpler theory.

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重力波分光学は可能か。 Is gravitational wave spectroscopy possible?


Gravitational waves have already been detected.


The problem is that it is difficult to detect minute gravitational waves that occur on a daily basis.


Laser interferometer-type gravitational wave detectors can only detect large gravitational waves caused by large events.


If so, isn't it necessary to change the way of thinking?

I propose a plan to detect minute gravitational waves as pressure propagation.


With the help of quantum theory, it may be possible to create devices that can detect minute gravitational waves.


If we can develop a piezoelectric element that can detect changes in pressure caused by minute gravitational waves, it should not be impossible.


It may be possible to use the properties of electrons as waves to detect minute gravitational waves.


The possibility of detecting minute gravitational waves as electronic wave fluctuations is worth investigating.


If the laser interferometric gravitational wave detector is a telescope, the microgravitational wave detector would be a spectrophotometer.


If it becomes possible, it will open up a new field of gravitational wave spectroscopy.

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膨張宇宙論は現代の天動説であり定常宇宙論こそが現代の地動説だ。 Expanding cosmology is now the standpoint of the Ptolemaic theory, and stationary cosmology is the standpoint of the modern Heliocentric theory.


Expanding cosmology can be seen as the current Ptolemaic theory, and dark matter and dark energy as the current ecant and epicycle.

エカントは、 天体の見かけの速さの変化を円運動で説明するために、古代ギリシャ天文学で用いられた、数学的な概念である。

Ecanto is a mathematical concept used in ancient Greek astronomy to describe changes in the apparent speed of celestial bodies in terms of circular motion.


An epicycle is a small circle that revolves around the rotating circle. Introduced into Ptolemy's theory to explain the erratic motion of the planets, it was postulated that the planets were moving on these small circles.


What if the identity of dark matter is not only the mass of dark energy, but also the expanding universe is a mischief of the cosmological constant?


So what if the redshift is a cosmological constant prank?


The stationary cosmology becomes the modern heliocentric theory.


Dark energy and dark matter are connected in Einstein's famous formula, E=MC².


Furthermore, we substitute the cosmological constant for dark energy.


According to Einstein, the cosmological constant is equal in magnitude to gravitational force but in the opposite direction, and gravitational force and acceleration are indistinguishable.


Then the cosmological constant should also be indistinguishable from acceleration.


In physics, looking far is looking into the past.


Because the speed of light is finite.


The phenomenon that the light of distant objects has a stronger redshift can be explained by assuming that the cosmological constant is indistinguishable from acceleration.


Naturally, all observed redshifts can be explained by the cosmological constant.


If looking far away is looking into the past, then it is more consistent to explain that the universe is slowing down if distant objects are more redshifted and closer objects are less redshifted. .


The contradiction between the general fact that looking far away leads to seeing the past and the hypothesis that observation results with stronger redshifts for distant objects are future events cannot be resolved without the assumption of an expanding universe.


In other words, if we stick to the basic principle that looking far away is seeing the past, then the correct conclusion is that the universe has slowed down and now appears to be in a steady state.


And we assume that the cosmological constant is also distinguishable from acceleration so that gravitation and acceleration are indistinguishable.


All observed redshifts are a hoax that the cosmological constant has been mistaken for acceleration.


Consistent explanation can be done if steady cosmology, but not in expanding cosmology.


Therefore, the expanding cosmology is the position of the Ptolemaic theory in modern times, and the stationary cosmology is the position of the modern Heliocentric theory.

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